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About Aestim Art Appraisals, Inc.

Aestim Art was founded by Daniel and Susan Deyell in 2014 to meet the needs for qualified/certified appraisals of the fine arts especially on the Canadian Prairies. The company brings together expertise from the visual arts, museum and art gallery administration, marketing, education, and property legal fields to value art objects and conform current market evaluation to the personal property needs of clients.

Aestim Art Appraisal reports present detailed and conclusive opinions of value expressed as the result of and subject to the data and research described throughout each, individualized report. Resulting values are based on the general expertise and qualifications of the appraiser and on the objectives and intended use of the appraisal within appropriate markets for the items appraised.

Aestim Art is situated in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and serves clients wherever its expertise is needed.